Christianity and Roman Society

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Did Christianity transform the Roman world in which it began, or did the Roman world shape Christianity? This work explores current debates and new interpretations of Early Christianity in Roman Society. Adopting an interdisciplinary and thematic approach, it offers the student unfamiliar with the Christian tradition, a comprehensive introduction to its role in the Roman world.


1. Introduction; 2. Christians and others; 3. The blood of martyrs; 4. Body and soul; 5. People of the Book; 6. Triumph, disaster or adaptation?


Gillian Clark is Professor of Ancient History at the University of Bristol. She has written extensively on Christianity and classical culture and her previous publications include Augustine: Confessions Book I-IV (Cambridge University Press, 1995).


'This is a short book which covers a mass of material in an accessible but thought-provoking way... excellent introductory book.' Times Literary Supplement 'This book should prove a fabulous resource for courses on the early church or the Roman Empire, from sixth form level through to taught Masters. Not until I read the book did I realise how much we needed it, and not for the first time, Clark demonstrates her enviable ability to write an accessible survey book which will hold and stimulate students and teachers alike. This is a terrific book. It is even published in inexpensive paperback - libraries and teachers will want it, and so will many students.' JACT '... this is a well-conceived and capably-executed book that will serve its intended readers well.' Journal of Roman Studies
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