Melusine the Serpent Goddess in A. S. Byatt's Possession and in Mythology

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Melusine the Serpent Goddess in Myth and Literature examines how women were once worshipped as the life force, but later suppressed with the introduction of monotheism and a changing attitude regarding the sexes. It connects the literary conception of the Melusine story to myths and legends of the snake or dragon goddess, from ancient to contemporary times.


Part 1 Melusine the Snake Goddess Chapter 2 Into the Garden, Melusine! The Tale in Byatt's Possession Chapter 3 The Aquatic Great Goddess Chapter 4 The Ophidian Goddess in Gylanic Times Part 5 Love and the Holy Marriage Chapter 6 The Meeting and Marriage of Melusine and Raimondin Chapter 7 Keats' Lamia in the CEvennes Chapter 8 Sexual Love in the Ancient Holy Marriage Chapter 9 The Goddess as Wife or Mother of God Part 10 Mother and Creation Chapter 11 The Creative Snake Goddess Chapter 12 From Creatrix to Monster Chapter 13 Mere Lucine, Echidna: Mother of Monsters Chapter 14 Serpent Goddess Atargatis and Queen Semiramis Part 15 The Curse and Death Chapter 16 The Prohibition of Melusine Resulting from Her Curse Chapter 17 Lilith, Medusa, and Scylla: Rapacious Females Chapter 18 Snake Under the Tree in Paradise: Asherah Suppressed


Gillian M. E. Alban teaches Literature and English at Dogus University in Istanbul, Turkey.
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