Small Town Baltimore: An Album of Memories

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September 2002



This "album of memories" introduces readers to the people and places that once put the charm in Charm City. Sandler recalls the events that shaped life here and shows how far Baltimore has come--and also what has been lost in the process. 161 illustrations.


Contents: Preface and AcknowledgementsIntroductionI ARTIFACTS1 Look Up Here! 2 Reminders of the 1930's 3 They're Off and Running at Pimlico 4 "Separate but Equal," So They Said 5 Eating Out 6 All That Jazz 7 Days of Delight, Nights of Magic 8 Small-Town SportsII SOUVENIRS9 Getting Away 10 Getting Around 11 Overnight Stays 12 The Home Front 13 That's Entertainment 14 Scents and SensibilityIII MEMORIES15 Simple Pleasures 16 True Sports 17 Signs of the Times 18 Fond Farewells Noted in Passing Index


Born and raised in Baltimore, Gilbert Sandler has been published in the Baltimore Sun, the Jewish Times, and Baltimore Magazine and has been editor of Generations, the journal of the Jewish Museum of Maryland. He is the author of Jewish Baltimore: A Family Album, also available from Johns Hopkins, and The Neighborhood: The Story of Baltimore's Little Italy.


Gilbert Sandler is our great rememberer. Small Town Baltimore is an absolute delight-not only memories of distant times and vanished places but details that bring every corner of the old town back to life. Baltimore Sun
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