Culture and Sexual Risk

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Brummelhuis and Herdt provide an intense examination of sexual risk and its cultural configurations heretofore missing from the AIDS literature. The chapters on Western gay men speak to the pressing methodological, conceptual and theoretical needs in HIV/AIDS research while providing an understanding and documentation of gay men's lives within the emerging corpus of lesbian and gay studies. Chapters on the Philippines, Brazil, Haiti and Africa explore the cultural, political and economic contexts surrounding the transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS in these cultures.


PART I - CULTURE AND BEYOND- THE WIDER CONTEXT OF SEXUAL RISK: Culture, Poverty, and the Dynamics of HIV transmission in rural Haiti ; Culture, Sex Research and AIDS prevention in Africa. PART II - CONTEXTUALISING SEXUAL RISK : Gender, Age and Class - Discourses on HIV Transmission and Control in Uganda ; Sexuality, AIDS and Gender Norms among Brazilian Teenagers. PART III - SEXUAL RISK AMONG WESTERN GAY MEN : Risk in Context - The Use of Sexual Diary Data to Analyse Homosexual Risk Behaviour PART IV -THE STUDY OF CULTURE AND SEXUAL RISK : Rethinking Anthropology: The Study of AIDS
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