Effect of Couple stress on MHD

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Juni 2016



The aim of this book is to study the effect of variable couple stress on the peristaltic flow of non-Newtonian fluid in an asymmetric channel and in an inclined asymmetric channel. The motion and energy equations have been calculated under the assumptions of long wave length approximation and the expression for pressure rise is obtained by using analytical integration. The contour plots for the stream lines obtained and trapping phenomena for the flow field is discussed. The computational results presented in graphical form ,in both case we found that the pressure gradient , temperature field, size of the trapping bolus and velocity field decreases with the increases in couple stress while pressure rise increases when couple stress increases. In an inclined asymmetric channel we find that an inclination of the channel does not effect on the velocity field and streamlines. This study has been done through drawing many graphs by using the Mathematica package.


Born in 1976 i was studied at the University of Mustansiriya College of Science Mathematics Department for the year 1994 to 1998. i work in Baghdad University College Department of Computer Science since 1999, . Accepted to study masters in applied mathematics Within specialty fluid mechanics from the year 2012 to 2014.
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