DNA Computing

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Februar 2005



This is the first book on DNA computing, a molecular approach that may revolutionize computing-replacing silicon with carbon and microchips with DNA molecules. The book starts with an introduction to DNA computing, exploring the power of complementarity, the basics of biochemistry, and language and computation theory. It then brings the reader to the most advanced theories develop thus far in this emerging research area.


Introduction: DNA Computing in a Nutshell.- I: Background and Motivation.- 1 DNA: Its Structure and Processing.- 2 Beginnings of Molecular Computing.- II: Mathematical Theory.- 3 Introduction to Formal Language Theory.- 4 Sticker Systems.- 5 Watson-Crick Automata.- 6 Insertion-Deletion Systems.- 7 Splicing Systems.- 8 Universality by Finite H Systems.- 9 Splicing Circular Strings.- 10 Distributed H Systems.- 11 Splicing Revisited.


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