The SmartMoney Guide to Real Estate Investing

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April 2004



Praise for The SmartMoney Guide to Real Estate Investing " Gerri Willis’ s SmartMoney Guide to Real Estate Investing is wonderful. It’ s easy to read and easy to use. In a matter of minutes after reading this book, I was able to make a decision on a piece of real estate I own that will potentially put tens of thousands of dollars in my pocket in the next ninety days. I’ d say this book can pay for itself a thousands times over on your next real estate transaction."
– Da Bach, bestselling author of Smart Couples Finish Rich and Smart Women Finish Rich " Leave it to Gerri Willis to leave me angry! Had I taken heed of her advice on negotiating price and understanding how agents ‘ really’ work, I’ m sure I could have saved thousands, probably tens of thousands of dollars on my last house! Great book. Gerri hits a ‘ home’ run!"
– Neil Cavuto, Vice President, Anchor, and Managing Editor, Business News, Fox News Channel " An authoritative, informative, compelling case for real estate investment from a widely respected expert, Gerri Willis, who, most appropriately, thoroughly examines this issue from the individual investor’ s point of view."
– David M. Jones, PhD, President and CEO, DMJ Advisors LLC


Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction: The Case for Real Estate. Chapter 1. The SmartMoney Outlook for Real Estate. Chapter 2. What Every Investor Should Know About Real Estate Agents. Chapter 3. Researching the Market. Chapter 4. Zeroing in on the Right Property. Chapter 5. Financing Your Investment. Chapter 6. The Right Way to Renovate. Chapter 7. Managing Your Investment. Chapter 8. How to Get Your Ideal Second Home. Chapter 9. Selling Your Investment. Chapter 10. Reit Investing. Glossary. Index.


GERRI WILLIS is the Senior Financial Correspondent for SmartMoney magazine. She is an experienced business writer who was the winner of the Excellence in Retirement Savings Reporting award for 2001-which is given by the American University's School of Communication and the Investment Company Institute's Education Foundation. Willis, a 1992 Knight-Bagehot Fellow, can also be seen sharing her investment experience as a commentator on CNN, CNNfn, CNBC, and FOX News.

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