Sedimentary Basins

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This completely revised and enlarged second edition provides an up-to-date overview of all major topics in sedimentary geology. It is unique in its quantitative approach to denudation-accumulation systems and basin fillings, including dynamic aspects. The relationship between tectonism and basin evolution as well as the concepts of sequence cycle and event stratigraphy in various depositional environments are extensively discussed. Numerous, often composite figures, a well-structured text, brief summaries in boxes, and several examples from all continents make the book an invaluable source of information for students, researchers and professors in academia as well as for professionals in the oil industry.


I Types of Sedimentary Basins.
1 Basin Classification and Depositional Environments.
II Depositional Systems and Facies Models.
2 Continental Sediments.
3 Coastal and Shallow Sea Sediments (Including Carbonates).
4 Sediments of Adjacent Seas and Estuaries.
5 Oceanic Sediments.
6 Special Depositional Environments and Sediments.
7 Sequences, Minor Cycles, and Event Stratigraphy.
III Subsidence, Flux Rates, and Sediment Budget.
8 Subsidence.
9 Denudation: Solute Transport and Flux Rates of Terrigenous Sediment.
10 Sedimentation Rates and Organic Matter in Various Depositional Environments.
11 The Interplay Between Sediment Supply, Subsidence, and Basin Fill.
IV Basin Evolution.
12 Basin Evolution and Sediments.
V Diagenesis and Fluid Flow.
13 Mechanical and Chemical Diagenesis.
14 Hydrocarbons and Coal.


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