Contesting Culture

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April 1996



This book is a vivid ethnographic account of an aspect of contemporary British life, and a challenge to the conventional discourse of community studies.


1. Introduction: the proceeds of research; 2. The argument; 3. A shared Southall culture?; 4. The dominant discourse applied: 'self-evident' communities of culture; 5. The dominant discourse denied: community as creation, culture as process; 6. 'Culture' and 'community' as terms of cultural contestation; 7. Conclusion.


"...provides an important...view of identity formation, stressing its instrumental function over other aspects of identity production and negotiation." Kathleen Hall, Religious Studies Review "...this book provides one of the better starting points for discussions of ethnicity in contemporary Europe." David Beriss, H-Net Reviews
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Untertitel: Discourses of Identity in Multi-ethnic London. 'Cambridge Studies in Social and Cultural Anthropology'. 10 b/w illus. 1 map. Sprache: Englisch.
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