In the Shadow of Burgundy: The Court of Guelders in the Late Middle Ages

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Februar 2004



This wide-ranging study of the court of Guelders in the Low Countries provides an excellent vantage point for the study of late medieval court culture. Despite being surrounded by the vast territories of the dukes of Burgundy, and the growing power of the Valois dukes, the court managed to remain independent until 1473. Archival sources convey the striking cultural and political richness of the court, poised between French and German spheres of influence, and demonstrate how Guelders can be considered as representative of Europe's many medium-sized courts.


Foreword; Brief chronology of the history of the counts and dukes of Guelders; Introduction; Part I. Court: 1. The social framework: functions and functionaries; 2. A medium-sized court on its travels; 3. Finances at the court: in search of money; 4. The ideal prince; Part II. The Arts: 5. Music and musicians; 6. Literature: the written and the spoken word; 7. Books: readers, writers and illuminators; 8. Visual and applied arts; Part III. Court Culture: 9. Construction and consolidation: the duke and his court; 10. Construction and consolidation: the dukes and the wider context; 11. Court culture and the forming of a 'territorial' consciousness; Appendix: Reconstruction of the book collection of Duke Arnold and Duchess Catherine; Sources and bibliography.


Gerard Nijsten teaches history at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.


"This carefully structured and tightly argued book belongs on the priority list of all who study European courts...important and rich..." Renaissance Quarterly "Specialists on the medieval Low Countries should already be familiar with Nijsten's work, so the intended market is presumably the burgeoning wider field of Court Studies. This will be well served by this fluent translation of a thoroughly researched, methodologically up-to-date and carefully written consideration of cultural life at one of the many princely courts of the Low Countries." Sixteenth Century Journal Paul Arblaster, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
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