Women in Modern India

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The author traces the history of Indian women from the nineteenth century under colonial rule, to the twentieth century after Independence. She begins with the reform movement, established by men to educate women, and demonstrates how education changed their lives, enabling them to take part in public life. Through the women's own accounts, the author has compiled an accessible and immediate record of their achievements over the past two centuries, which will be of interest to students of South Asia and to anyone concerned with women and their history.


Introduction; l. Reform in the nineteenth century: efforts to modernize women's roles; 2. Education for women; 3. The emergence of women's organizations; 4. The movement for women's rights; 5. Women in the nationalist movement; 6. Women's work in colonial India; 7. A time of transition; 8. Women in independent India; Bibliographic essay.


'[The author's] clear, vivid narrative is infused with deep sympathy for her subject and prolific scholarship'. The Times Higher Education Supplement 'This book is essential reading for everyone interested in Indian women'. Journal of Asian Studies '... this is a comprehensive and carefully put together record of the developments that shaped women's lives in India during the 19th and 20th centuries.' Sunday Herald (India)
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