For Pride, Profit, and Patriarchy: Football and the Incorporation of American Cultural Values

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August 2000



This intriguing resource covers a host of issues including the rise of football, football and feminism, militarism and leadership training, and multicultural football. A broad and comprehensive analysis of the ways in which football addressed the cultural and ideological tensions within American society during its period of development and consolidation after the Civil War, this study is ideal for everyone from the football enthusiast to the general reader.


Gerald R. Gems (Ph.D., University of Maryland) is Full Professor of Health and Physical Education at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. He has written numerous articles and reviews on sports related issues. His previous Scarecrow publication is Windy CIty Wars: Labor, Leisure and Sport in the Making of Chicago.


...Gems makes a significant contribution to the early history of football. His work is a stimulating, informative and most interesting book to read...his ideas will stimulate further research and analysis into the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century development of football. International Journal of the History of Sport Gem's research covers a host of issues... Sports Collectors Digest ...Gems incorporates new research to provide a succinct and riveting introduction to American football...For Pride, Profit, and Patriarchy is a pioneering study which places football within the larger framework of American culture...the book will serve as a starting point for further discourse. Journal of Sport History
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