The First World War

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November 2000



This book explains the First World War in a manner the lay person can understand, and the expert will still find intriguing. It covers a broad canvas, but does so with great economy. The origins of the war, both diplomatic and social, are discussed in a particularly illuminating fashion. The reader is then taken through the major battles on the Eastern and Western Fronts, and is in the process given insight into the eventual Allied victory. The war at sea, on the home front and in distant theatres is also carefully examined. There is, in addition, a worm's eye view of the conflict - the war as it was experienced by the men in the trenches. The book provides a wonderfully clear and sustaining introduction to a conflict usually mired in confusion. The strong narrative drive and lively style make it an easy and enjoyable read. Students will find the book a very good starting point for a study of the war, and lay readers will simply enjoy the clarity and drama it brings to a war which continues to intrigue and torment.


Preface.- Origins.- The Western Front, 1914-1917.- The Eastern Front, 1914-1917.- The War at Sea.- Sideshows and Imperial Struggles.- 1918.- Home Fronts.- The Soldiers' War.- A Peace of Sorts.- 'The Rank Stench of those Bodies Haunts me Still'.- Bibliography.- Index.


Gerard De Groot


'This is a well-written and well-structured survey which I shall have no hesitation in recommending to students.' - M.S. Partridge, St Mary's University College
'This is an excellent work...I will recommend this as the market leader.' - Dr John Buckley, Department of History and War Studies, University of Wolverhampton
'An excellent survey: clear, concise and well written.' - Professor M.L. Dockrell, Department of War Studies, King's College London
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