Supplement: Very Young, The: Guiding Children from Infancy Through the Early Years - Very Young & Teacher Tested Classroom Pkg. 5

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Using a conversational style and offering realistic suggestions based on developmentally appropriate practice, this book provides a comprehensive exploration of research, theory, and practice across the entire early childhood curriculum -- from infancy through the early primary grades.Uses the philosophies of Vygotsky and Piaget throughout as philosophical support for teaching practices. Features a new chapter on short- and long-term planning for activities, themes, and projects. Features vignettes and photographs throughout that bring applications to life.


1. A Career in Early Childhood Education.
2. Historical Roots of the Profession.
3. The Concept of Developmentally Appropriate Practice.
4. The Magic of Play.
5. An Environment for Play.
6. Guiding Young Children.
7. Play as a Facilitator of Knowledge.
8. Themes and Projects.
9. Mathematics Concepts and Skills.
10. Language Development.
11. Literacy Development.
12. Sensory and Motor Skills.
13. The Elements of Children's Art.
14. Music and Children.
15. Children and Families.
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