Grover Park George on Access

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Juli 2004



A textbook and study guide for new and intermediate Microsoft Access users, this book takes Access developers through the development process step by step. Terms and concepts are explained as they arise and relevant examples are provided to keep users on track and to teach them how to the use the appropriate Access features in the same context in which they will use them in their own work. Users are guided through the process of creating a working database from the first step (defining the business problem it is intended to solve) through the last (deploying the application into an organization and providing ongoing support to users). Also included are case studies that provide practical guidelines for situations Access users might find themselves in.


What this book will do for you Why do you want to use Access anyway? Data modeling 101 Lets get physical Create tables Normalize your data Simple forms Reports Display only forms Create a user interface


"You've taken the first step in becoming a database expert by selecting this book. Bottom-line, if I can understand how to develop databases from reading this book, anyone can."
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