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Juli 2003



A theoretical work, a mediation on the nature of representation--the Vorstellung/Darstellung distinction--in relation to theoretical practices of Hegelianism, psychoanalysis (especially Lacan), and Marxism. Explores the works of Kant, Lacan, Hegel, Althu


George Hartley is Associate Professor of English at Ohio University. He is author of "Textual Politics and the Language Poets."


"The Abyss of Representation is an ambitious and highly illuminating book. It is the best study I have read on this particular appropriation of Lacanian theory by Zizek and its differences with other readings of Lacan's work, and the discussions on Althusser and Jameson are particularly original and convincing." Ernesto Laclau, coauthor of Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics "The Abyss of Representation is outstanding for its contribution to a theory of literature and aesthetic philosophy. It is also a strong elaboration of the failure inherent in representation and that failure's relevance to a cultural and political theory." Michael Bernard-Donals, coauthor of Between Witness and Testimony: The Holocaust and the Limits of Representation
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