The Making Six Sigma Last

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"Making Six Sigma Last is the most practical and helpful resource that I have seen on this subject. George's charisma and charm spill over into this interesting and entertaining book. Using one of George's many analogies, 'this is an upper-deck shot,' and combined with his first book should become the benchmark for Six Sigma learning."-Dan Porter, Chairman and CEO, Wells Fargo Financial"An energetic, step-by-step exploration filled with interesting and entertaining examples of real-world business experiences. Making Six Sigma Last is a powerful action plan for managers!"-Guenter Bulk, Managing Director, GE Capital IT Solutions


Six Sigma Acceptance: The Ignored Element in Implementation.
Creating the Need for a Six Sigma Culture.
Overcoming Six Sigma Resistance.
Molding the Six Sigma Vision, Results, and Behaviors.
Creating the Six Sigma Culture.
Measuring the Six Sigma Culture.
Profiles in Six Sigma Leadership.
Pitfalls to Avoid in Creating the Six Sigma Culture.
Last Thoughts.


GEORGE ECKES is the founder and principal consultant for Eckes & Associates, Inc., a consulting group specializing in results-driven continuous improvement, Six Sigma training and implementation, organization development, and managing change. His clients include GE Capital, Pfizer, Westin, Honeywell, and Volvo. In 1996, EAI was chosen as a primary consulting organization for General Electric in their Six Sigma Quality initiative. Eckes has published numerous papers on the topic of performance improvement and is the author of The Six Sigma Revolution, published by Wiley. He can be reached at


"This is a concise book...well written and easy to read..." (TQM)

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