From Nuremberg to the Hague: The Future of International Criminal Justice

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Dezember 2011



This collection is based on a lecture series organized jointly by Matrix Chambers and the Wiener Library in London between April and June 2002. Leading experts present papers examining the evolution of international criminal justice from its origins at Nuremberg through to the proliferation of international courts and tribunals based at The Hague today. The lectures will provide various perspectives on the subject for anyone interested in international criminal law--from specialists to non-specialists.


Notes on the contributors; Preface; 1. The Nuremberg trials: international law in the making Richard Overy; 2. Issues of complexity, complicity and complementarity: from the Nuremberg Trials to the dawn of the new International Criminal Court Andrew Clapham; 3. After Pinochet: the role of national courts Philippe Sands; 4. The drafting of the Rome Statute James Crawford; 5. Prospects and issues for the International Criminal Court: lessons from Yugoslavia and Rwanda Cherie Booth.


Professor of Law at University College London. He is also a practising barrister at Matrix Chambers.


'From Nuremberg to The Hague is notable for its content, but also for the crucial function it can serve within legal education ... In terms of content, the book covers an impressive array of issues in a concise fashion ... the content is engaging, informative and generally cohesive ... strongly recommended as an excellent introductory text in international criminal law ...'. German Law Journal 'The well-known authors and experts in the area provide a readable selection of essays on different aspects of international criminal justice ... It is written in an accessible manner and achieves the difficult task of both appealing to a non-academic audience and providing a useful text for students and those interested in this field in a university environment.' Common Law World Review
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