Private Education: Tradition and Diversity

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November 2005



Private schools are central to the reproduction of social inequality. For example, whilst in the UK providing only about seven per cent of the school population, about half of the undergraduates at Oxford and Cambridge still come from the private sector.


Introduction; 1, Private Schools in England; Part I: Traditional Private Schools; 2. A Revolution in Chains; 3. The Changing Professionalism of Public School Teachers; 4. Classification and Framing in Boarding Schools; 5. Girls' Private Schooling: Past and Present; Part II: Private Schools and Educational Policy; 6. How Dependent is the Independent Sector?; 7. Independent Schools and Tax Policy Under Mrs Thatcher; 8. City Technology Colleges: A Private Magnetism?; 9. From City Technology Colleges to Sponsored Grant-Maintained Schools; Part III: Private Religious Schools and Diversity of Schools; 10. The Fate of the New Christian Schools: From Growth to Decline?; 11. Classification and Framing of the Curriculum in Evangelical Christian and Muslim Schools in England and the Netherlands; 12. Muslim Schools in Britain.


Geoffrey Walford is Professor of Education Policy and a Fellow of Green College at Oxford University. He is the author of over 100 academic articles and books, and the Editor of the Oxford Review of Education.
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