Adhesives in Civil Engineering

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Recent advances in adhesive technology have led to a rapid growth in the use of adhesives in load-bearing joints in civil engineering applications such as buildings and bridges. In many cases, the use of adhesives can prove more convenient, less expensive, stronger, and more durable than traditional methods of joining. This book provides for a complete and clear introduction to the use of adhesives to form load-bearing joints in bridges, civil engineering and building structures. The first part of this book addresses the crucial factors involved in the formation of a successful adhesive joint, including adhesive selection, surface preparation, joint design, fabrication and protection from the environment. The second part of the book describes the growing uses of adhesives to repair and strengthen existing structures, in addition to describing their use in new constructions and applications that are now being developed for the future. The connection between the two parts of the book is brought out wherever possible so that the links between theory and practice are emphasized. The book gives the reader all the information required to fully exploit the economic and technical advantages of adhesives over conventional methods. Professional civil and structural engineers in higher education and industry will find this book an invaluable source of information on a technology of increasing importance.


Part I. Adhesives and Adhesion: 1. Introduction; 2. Adhesive classification and properties; 3. Adhesion and surface pretreatment; 4. Adhesive joints; 5. Specification, fabrication and quality control; Part II. Applications: 6. Applications in repair and strengthening; 7. Applications in new construction; 8. Potential new developments; Appendix; References; Index.


'The book is helpful in in advising on material selection for concrete repair ... be of most practical assistance to the engineer or technologist.' Construction and Building Materials
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