The Music Business and Recording Industry

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The Recording Industry presents a brief but comprehensive examination of how records are made, marketed, and sold. The book opens with an overview of popular music and its place in American society, along with descriptions of key players in the recording industry. In the book's second part, the making of a recording is traced from production through marketing and retail sales. Finally, in Part III, legal issues, including copyright and problems of piracy, are addressed.The new edition takes into account the massive changes in the recording industry occurring today due to the revolution of music on the web. This new reality informs all parts of the second edition, from issues of production and distribution to legal issues.


Table of Contents Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Understanding the Recording Industry Chapter 2 Copyright Basics and the Recording Industry Chapter 3 Copyright in Sound Recordings and Songs Chapter 4 Music Publishing: The First Stream Chapter 5 Live Entertainment: The Second stream Chapter 6 Recordings: The Main Stream Chapter 7 Production and the A & R Function Chapter 8 The Marketing Function Chapter 9 Retailing: Software on Hard Copies Chapter 10 Relationships to Other Media Chapter 11 The Recording Industry and the Internet Glossary of Terms Internet Appendix Selected Bibliography Index


Middle Tennessee State University, USA


""Not only is the coverage in htis book complete, it is throroughly enjoyable to read. Hull covers every important detail up to and including the struggles that the industry now faces with the Internet."
-Michael J. Bonnard, Notes, Dec. 2005
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