Demystifying Mentalities

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August 1990



If faraway peoples have different ideas from our own, is this because they have different mentalities? Did our remote ancestors lack logic? The notion of distinct mentalities has been used extensively by historians to describe and explain cultural diversity. Professor Lloyd rejects this psychologising talk of mentalities and proposes an alternative approach, which takes as its starting point the social contexts of communication. Discussing apparently irrational beliefs and behaviour (such as magic), he shows how different forms of thought coexist in a single culture but within conventionally defined contexts.


1. Mentalities, metaphors and the foundations of science 2. Magic and science, ancient and modern 3. The conception and practice of proof 4. A test case: China and Greece, comparisons and contrasts Conclusion: mentalities demystified.


."..exceptionally thoughtful and persuasive critique of 'mentalities.'" Heinrich von Staden, ISIS
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