Down But Not Quite Out in Hollow-Weird: A Documentary in Letters of Eric Knight

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Eric Knight, the internationally known film reviewer of the 1930s and author of Lassie-Come-Home tells his story in his own words, with the help of Geoff Gehman.


Geoff Gehman is an arts writer for The Morning Call in Allentown, Pa., a county from where Eric Knight wrote portions of Lassie Come-Home. He is writing an oral history of a town in County Clare, Ireland, where the traveling picture show was always welcome and storytelling is an art and a gift.


Geoff Gehman lets Knight tell much of his own story in letters to friends; his fierce intellect, and his 'champagne personality' come through vividly...this book is a fine testament to [Knight's] intellect and his integrity. Past Times ...excellent...Knight's...observations are...incisive, crackle with wit, and cheerfully deflate Hollywood's pretensions and insincerity...Geoff Gehman, who writes every bit as well as Knight did, has created a very readable account of an interesting man...this highly recommended book offers a fascinating portrait of a film critic/screen writer/novelist and gentleman of considerable style and integrity. Classic Images indispensable close-up look at Hollywood in the 1930s. Rapport Once you start this book, you won't put it aside. The Silent Film Monthly Geoff Gehman does a splendid job of bringing Eric Knight back to life. The novelist and screenwriter, who unfortunately died too young as a casualty of World War II, is a delightful and rich subject for a biography. Gehman's approach utilizes Knight's own words as much as possible, allowing his letters to give us his take on his own life. Gehman expertly puts all this in the context of the times and of the Hollywood factory system. The book, like its subject, is witty and warm. It's filled with insights into the various characters Knight encountered in his busy and productive life. One of them, Frank Capra, is a man whose biography I've written, and there are new facets of Capra here. The test of a good book to me is that I learn new things from it and that it doesn't simply repeat what others have written. Gehman's life of Eric Knight fits that description and more. -- Joseph McBride, author of Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success Great! -- Ray Bradbury Riveting! -- Roddy McDowall
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