Pulsed Power

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Mesyats' Pulsed Power provides in-depth coverage of the generation of pulsed electric power, electron and ion beams, and various types of pulsed electromagnetic radiation. The electric power that can be produced by the methods described ranges from 106 to 1014W for pulse durations of 10-10-10-7s.
The book consists of nine parts containing 28 chapters, which deal with various aspects of pulsed power and high-power electronics and cover a concise theory of electric circuits as applied to nanosecond pulse technology; physics of fast processes occurring in electrical discharges in vacuum, gases, and liquids; phenomena in long lines; mechanisms of operation and designs of high-power gas-discharge, plasma, and semiconductor closing and opening switches as well as of high-power electric pulse generators using these switches; solid-state (semiconductor and magnetic) methods of production and transformation of nanosecond high-power pulses; and methods of production of high-power pulsed electron and ion beams. The closing part describes methods applied to produce high-power nanosecond pulsed X-rays, laser beams, microwaves, and ultrawideband electromagnetic radiation.
This all-embracing book covers gas, laser, semiconductor, and magnetic circuit elements, the phenomenon of explosive electron emission discovered by the author, diodes of various types, including semiconductor diodes based on the SOS effect discovered with participation of the author, and methods of production of various types of high-power pulsed radiation.


Part 1: Pulsed Systems: Design Principles
1. Lumped Parameter Pulse Systems
2. Pulse Generation Using Long Lines
Part 2: Physics of Pulsed Electrical Discharges
3. The Vacuum Discharge
4. The Pulsed Discharge in Gas
5. Electrical Discharges in Liquids
Part 3: Properties of Coaxial Lines
6. Solid-Insulated Coaxial Lines
7. Liquid-Insulated Lines
8. Vacuum Lines with Magnetic Self-Insulation
Part 4: Spark Gap Switches
9. High-Pressure Gas Gaps
10. Low-Pressure Spark Gaps
11. Solid-State and Liquid Spark Gaps
Part 5: Generators with Plasma Closing Switches
12. Generators with Gas-Discharge Switches
13. Marx Generators
14. Pulse Transformers
Part 6: Generators with Plasma Opening Switches
15. Pulse Generators with Electrically Exploded Conductors
16. Pulse Generators with Plasma Opening Switches
17. Electron-Triggered Gas-Discharge Switches
Part 7: Pulse Power Generators with Solid-State Switches
18. Semiconductor Closing Switches
19 Semiconductor Opening Switches
20. Pulse Power Generators in Circuits with Magnetic Elements
21. Long Lines with Nonlinear Parameters
Part 8: Electron Diodes and Electron-Diode-Based Accelerators
22. Large-Cross-Section Electron Beams
23. Annular Electron Beams
24. Dense Electron Beams and Their Focusing
Part 9: High-Power Pulse Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation
25. High-Power X-Ray Pulses
26. High-Power Pulsed Gas Lasers
27. Generation of High-Power Pulsed Microwaves
28. Generation of Ultrawideband Radiation Pulses
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