Profiles of Black Success: Thirteen Creative Geniuses Who Changed the World

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Februar 1997



Some argue that America's black youth need solid role models to emulate. Gene Landrum has answered this call by expanding his popular "profiles" series to feature 13 special individuals whose extraordinary achievements result from an insatiable internal drive and a demand for excellence despite few inherited advantages. What are the characteristics which brought them creative and entrepreneurial success? Are these characteristics of genius inherited or acquired? Landrum focuses on five important factors -- historical mentors, (e.g., Frederick Douglass or Martin Luther King, Jr.), nature rs. nurture, crisis and creativity, success imprints, and personality -- making his work contrary to the Bell Curve Theory. His is a serious but inspirational guide to educators, the gifted, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and anyone who dares to reach for success and power in their own lives, irrespective of race, color, or creed.


Gene N. Landrum, Ph.D. (Naples, FL), creator of the Chuck E. Cheese concept of family entertainment, is a high-tech start-up specialist, new product innovator, marketing authority, and a popular lecturer. He is also the author of Profiles of Genius, Profiles of Female Genius, and Profiles of Power and Success.
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