Bullying and Teasing: Social Power in Children S Groups

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-Addresses the problem of bullying as an interactive social system with emphasis on the contributions of family, community, and culture, as well as the school.
-Gives concrete advice for successful intervention with both bullies, their victims, and bystanders.
-Examines the nature of teasing behaviors so the reader understands the difference between aggressive and destructive teasing and teasing that may be tolerated.


1 Definitions, Study Approaches, and Incidence.- 2 Family and Societal Influences on Bullying.- 3 The School as a Factor in Bullying.- 4 The Bullies.- 5 Age and Gender Variables in Bullying.- 6 The Victims of Bullying.- 7 Children Who are Both Bullies and Victims.- 8 The Role of Bystanders in Bullying Episodes.- 9 Child-Centered Correlates of Bullying and Victimization.- 10 Friendships and Social Groups.- 11 School Wide Interventions.- 12 Interventions for the High and Low Structure Areas in Schools.- 13 Teasing and Low Level Aggression.- 14 Interventions for Bullies and Bully-Victims.- 15 Specific Interventions for Victims of Bullying.- 16 Interventions for Bystanders.- References.


Gayle L. Macklem is a Massachusetts licensed school psychologist and a Massachusetts licensed educational psychologist. She has served in the field of education for 29 years. A former president of the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association (MSPA), Gayle is the current Technology Chairperson of the state association. She was elected School Psychologist of Year by MSPA in 2001, received a GPR award from the National Association of School Psychologists in 1997, and received a special merit award for action research in schools in 1993. Gayle taught for a number of years in the Counseling and School Psychology training program at UMass-Boston.  She is currently practicing in the Manchester-Essex Regional School District as school psychologist/team chairperson and serves as testing coordinator for the district.

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