Women's Culture in a New Era: A Feminist Revolution?

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November 2005



In this follow-up to Women's Culture: The Women's Renaissance of the 70s, editor Gayle Kimball and more than 15 distinguished contributors (including novelist and poet Marge Piercy and artist Judy Chicago) assess women's culture in the 21st century. This new volume reveals how these creative women have changed over the last decades and how they've influenced young third wave feminists.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Overview and Background Part 3 Part One: Visual Arts Chapter 4 1. Shaking the Ground: Women's Visual Culture Several Decades Later Chapter 5 2. Feminist Art: Interview with Judy Chicago Chapter 6 3. Success Has 1,000 Mothers: Art and Activism from Mary Beth Edelson's Point of View Chapter 7 4. Galloping in Slow Motion: Women's Influence on Film and Television Chapter 8 5. Women's Theater: Transforming Dreams Part 9 Part Two: Music Chapter 10 6. Women's Music: Passing the Legacy Chapter 11 7. Women's Musical Composition: An Interview with Kay Gardner Part 12 Part Three: Literature Chapter 13 8. Our (M)others, Ourselves Chapter 14 9. Flora Liked Fauna: The Woman-Nature Connection in Contemporary Women's Fiction Chapter 15 10. Feminist Eyes Wide Open Chapter 16 11. Writing in a Political Context: Interview with Robin Morgan Chapter 17 12. Third Wave Girlie Culture Part 18 Part Four: Religion Chapter 19 13. Multiplication and Division: Feminist Theology from 1980 to 2000 Chapter 20 14. The Goddess/Wiccean Movement: Interview with Z Budapest Part 21 Part Five: Organizations Chapter 22 15. Feminist Health Movement: Interview with Dido Hasper Part 23 Index


Gayle Kimball was a pioneering coordinator of Women's Studies at California State University, Chico. She is the author or editor of 11 books, including Women's Culture: The Women's Renaissance of the Seventies (Scarecrow, 1981).


...a book we should all be reading-younger women to find out that things haven't always been as they are today, and older women to find out what's been happening since we finished with the 70s and got on with our lives. The Beltrane Papers, Spring 2007 This thought provoking anthology-so wonderfully free of padding and jargon-manages to pack into just over 200 pages an overview of thirty years of feminist history as well as viewpoints of seventeen artists and scholars on current feminist issues. The many voices communicate a welcome diversity of thought...This reader found the anthology to be highly informative; its pages glow with positive energy. -- Dolores Mitchell, Professor of Art History, California State University, Chico Contributors from the book Women's Culture: The Women's Renaissance of the Seventies from 1981, also edited by Kimball, consider changes and progress made since the women's movement in art, music, literature, film, television, theater, religion, and organizations. Included among the 15 chapters are interviews with artist Judy Chicago, composer Kay Gardner, writer Robin Morgan, Z Budapest, and Dido Hasper. Six of the authors are new to this volume. Contributors are artists, writers, and scholars from the US. Kimball is a writer and former teacher of women's studies courses. Reference and Research Book News
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