Introduction to Multimedia Systems

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Introduction to Multimedia Systems is designed to be a general introduction to the broad field of multimedia... more specifically digital interactive multimedia. The editors have included topics such as the principles of "multiple" and "media," including sound, two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics, animation, and text. All of these elements are stitched together by the programmer, or multimedia designer, based on the conceptualization of the designer.
In order to take full advantage of the potential for a wide array of multimedia applications it is important to have a broad understanding of the principles of various media. The person preparing a multimedia "package," which may include such media as sound, computer graphics, and software, will most likely have a strong background in only one or perhaps none of the media to be used. Introduction to Multimedia Systems has been developed to be the first place to turn, both as an introductory textbook or as a professional reference for anyone diving into multimedia preparation. Multimedia is first and foremost a medium of communication. In order to take advantage of the nearly unlimited potential provided by digital environments a full survey of multimedia capabilities is covered in this book.
Website Feature: Learning by doing! The editors currently use the book in combination with a wide array of sample software and weblinks for students to learn how to build by example. Each part of the book will have a direct link to a publicly accessible website that will maintain these available software tools. The weblinks will be updated as software versions advance, and most of the software involves demo or scaled down versions ofcommercially available multimedia design software/editing tools.
This is a carefully written and edited book specifically designed to be a general introduction to the broad field of multimedia
Covers all the general topics of multimedia namely the principles of 'multi


Prelude to Multimedia 1. Overview of Multimedia Systems Prelude to Audio 2. The Nature of Sound 3. Introduction to Digital Audio 4. Audio Editing 5. Music and Speech An Interlude: Free for All 6. Audio: From CD to the Web 7. The WAV File Format Prelude to Graphics 8. The Paint Shop Pro Interface 9. Colors An Interlude: The Properties of Light 10. File Formats and Web Graphics 11. Layers and Filters An Interlude: Vision 12. Process of Animation 13. Video An Interlude: The Term Dimension 14. 3-D Graphics 15. Text in Multimedia and the Internet An Interlude: Meaning in Binary Strings 16. Art and Design 17. Cognitive User Interfaces An Interlude: Development of Cognitive Systems 18. Authoring Multimedia in Visual Basic Index


Sugata Mitra is one of the most well-known computer educators in the world. The company NIIT, of which Mitra is the Chief Scientist, is one of the most powerful computing companies in the world. NIIT trains over 500,000 students every year and is the largest trainer and producer of educational multimedia material in the world. Over 1/4 of the world's computer programming is now being done in India. Mitra is one of the most influential persons in India on the education and training of millions of computer scientists and programmers.
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