Gas Mixtures: Preparation and Control

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April 1992



Gas Mixtures provides practical suggestions and calculations for producing multicomponent test gas atmospheres. General topics addressed include sorbent evaluation, methods development, dosimeter testing, instrument calibration, atmospheric simulation, and gas analysis. Learn the tricks of the trade for producing gas mixtures over a wide range of concentrations using even the most difficult-to-handle materials. Gas Mixtures is a must for industrial hygienists, air pollution control specialists, analytical chemists, and others working in such areas as health and safety, air pollution, air cleaning, and respirator and carbon research.


Introduction And General Principles. Air Purification. Flow Rate And Volume Measurements. Static Systems For Producing Gas Mixtures. Dynamic Systems For Producing Gas Mixtures. Specialized Systems. Index. Appendices: Conversion Factors. Atomic Weights and Numbers. Values of the Molar Gas Constant. Density of Dry Air. Densities of Common Gases and Their Deviation from the Perfect Gas Law. Diffusion Coefficients at 25 C and 760 mmHg in Air. Constants for Vapor Pressure Calculations. Vapor Pressures of Water at Various Temperatures. Mass of Water Vapor in Saturated Air at 1 atm. Relative Humidity for Wet-and Dry-Bulb Thermometer Readings. Gas Flow Conversion Factors for Mass Flow Controllers. Table of Atomic Volumes Used for Diffusion Coefficient Calculation. Density of Dry Air as a Function of Altitude at 20 C. Equilibrium Relative Humidity of Selected Saturated Salt Solutions. Characteristics of Commercially Available Permeation Sources. Cylinder Size and Capacities. Viscosity of Gases and Vapors. Miran 1A Operating Instructions.
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