Philosophers and Kings: Education for Leadership in Modern England

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Juli 2003



Philosophers and Kings examines the theme of 'education for leadership' in English secondary education during the twentieth century.


List of illustrations; Preface and acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. An English tradition; 3. The end of the old school tie?; 4. The ideology of Sir Cyril Norwood; 5. The rise and fall of the meritocracy; 6. The technocrats; 7. Tribune; 8. Our modern guardians; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"[Philosophers and Kings] is certainly worth reading purely as educational history. It draws extensively upon little-used Ministry of Education and private papers--including some only recently opened--to analyze shifts in moral and social thinking in the official classes and how these were applied to secondary education...a welcome revivification in the writing of British policy history." Journal of Interdisciplinary History "McCulloch's lucid, readable survey places syllabuses, committees and Government surveys in a broad social and intellectual context." Times Literary Supplement "[McCulloch's] essay is a provocative contribution to the history of secondary education and to debates that are far from finished." Albion
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