Workplace Skills for Success with AutoCAD 2009: Basics

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UNIT 1. AutoCAD Introduction and Overview UNIT 2. Creating and Working with AutoCAD Files UNIT 3. Fundamental Drawing and Modifying Commands UNIT 4. Fundamental Viewing and Inquiry Commands UNIT 5. Elementary Dimensioning UNIT 6. Fundamentals of the Plot/Printing Process UNIT 7. Intermediate Drawing and Modifying UNIT 8. Fundamentals of Layers, Groups, and Blocks UNIT 9. Editing with Grips UNIT 10. Tabels, Cells, and Fields Fundamentals UNIT 11. More About AutoCAD Screens and Commands APPENDIX AutoCADCommands Menus and Toolbars Command Alias LIst for AutoCAD AutoCAD Setting Variables Glossary INDEX


Gary Koser has worked in the CAD and engineering fields for over 30 years. Starting out in industry as a project engineer, Gary began teaching CAD-related courses in the corporate setting and currently teaches at Indian River Community College. He's the author of numerous papers, articles, and manuals including "NRCS AutoCIVIL Training Tutorial" and "Productivity and Profitability of Structural Engineering Systems", and has been featured on WQCS Radio Technology Minute discussing AutoCAD. In 2002 Gary recieved the Golden Medalion Award for Teaching Excellence at IRCC and the Johnson Endowed Chair.
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