Productivity and Performance in the Paper Industry: Labour, Capital and Technology in Britain and America, 1860 1914

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A significant contribution to modern economic history examines an important, but little studied, industry.


List of Tables; List of Figures; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Background; 2. Technological change; 3. Performance; 4. Rags, esparto and wood: entrepreneurship and the choice of raw materials; 5. The Anglo-American labour productivity gap; 6. Unions and manning practices in Britain and America; 7. Raw materials, women, and labour-saving machinery: the Anglo-American gap, 1860-90; 8. Technological divergence: the Anglo-American gap, 1890-1913; 9. Free trade and paper; Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography.


"Gary Magee has written a thoughtful, rather abstract study of productivity in American and British papermaking during the second half of the nineteenth century." Leonard N. Rosenband, Isis "This study is unambiguously located within a well-defined field of research, that of the relative decline of British manufacturing supremacy and, more particularly, the performance of late Victorian and Edwardian entrepreneurs. Its subject is well-chosen. ...cuts a fresh path through the hesitations of an old debate." Pierre Claude Reynard, Journal of Economic History "Its real contribution is not so much the admittedly neglected case of papermakingg, but the attempt to integrate the perceived entrepreneurial failure into a credible economic analysis." Andrew Godley, EH.NET "This is a welcome addition to books on the history of papermaking, particularly as it is a comparative study of the industries in Britain and America." Richard L. Hills, Technology and Culture
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