Storytelling Information Management System

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This book is about the conflicting views of the hunters and gatherers with oil and gas development. The industrialized land prophesied by the ancient Dreamers has now become a reality, and has changed the world view of the Beaver Indians
(Dane zaa people). Today the Doig River First Nation leaders are asserting their rights into the decision-making process on land and resources development. They are seeking a new relationship with government and industry in the political arena to address their Treaty rights. The new relationship must integrate structures in which roles, power and symbols will provide direction and shape behavior.
The altered environment has given rise to the need for a shared vision of the traditional ecological knowledge of the hunters and gatherers with the realities of oil and gas development. This book will examine the use of storytelling as an information management system (STIMS) to bring together modern scientific information systems and traditional values. It is essentially a ritual belief system that provides a world-view of the interpretation of knowledge in re-framing organizational structures.


Garry Oker, MA: Masters in Leadership and Training at Royal Roads University, British Columbia, Canada. Specialist in Indigenous knowledge system for business development. Cultural designer in arts, music and storytelling.
Oker Consulting: Strategic Planning, Relationship Management, Team Building.
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Untertitel: First Nations Traditional knowledge, Treaty Rights. Decision Making Process, Oil and Gas Development, Government Regulations & Policies, Environment. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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