Theology, Hermeneutics, and Imagination: The Crisis of Interpretation at the End of Modernity

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Mai 2003



Explores the contemporary crisis of biblical interpretation by examining modern and postmodern 'hermeneutics of suspicion'.


Preface; 1. Theological hermeneutics in the twilight of modernity; Part I. The Modern Roots of Suspicion; 2. The scandal of positivity: the Kantian paradigm in modern theology; 3. Against purism: Hamann's metacritique of Kant; 4. Feuerbach: forgotten father of the hermeneutics of suspicion; 5. Nietzschean suspicion and the Christian imagination; Part II. Christian Imagination in a Postmodern World: 6. The hermeneutics of difference: suspicion in postmodern guise; 7. The hermeneutic imperative: interpretation and the theological task; 8. The faithful imagination: suspicion and trust in a postmodern world; Appendix: Hamann's letter to Kraus; Bibliography; Index.


'A useful advance along the path of hermeneutical exploration.' Expository Times 'At the heart of Garrett Green's study, Theology, Hermeneutics, and Imagination: The Crisis of Interpretation at the End of Modernity, is a discussion of some intriguing possibilities contained within what he calls 'significant and positive parallels between Christian theology and postmodern philosophy' ... Two things in particular distinguish Green's book: first, its fresh account of Ludwig Feuerbach as the 'forgotten father of the hermeneutics of suspicion,' that is, as the mediator between Kant and the great masters of doubt who follow him, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud; ... second, its unusual restraint in dealing with 'suspicion' that allows for a more appreciative account than usual of the theological possibilities contained within it. In fact, these two issues are linked.' Perspectives in Religious Studies
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