Memory and Forgetting in English Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare, Marlowe, Webster

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September 2005



A study of the concepts of memory and forgetting in early modern drama.


Acknowledgements; Introduction: planting oblivion; 1. Embodying oblivion; 2. 'Be this sweet Helen's knell, and now forget her': forgetting and desire in All's Well That Ends Well; 3. 'If he can remember': spiritual self-forgetting in Doctor Faustus; 4. 'My oblivion is a very Antony'; 5. Sleep, conscience and fame in The Duchess of Malfi; Coda: 'wrought with things forgotten'; Notes; Index.


Garrett A. Sullivan, Jr. is Associate Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University. A recipient of a National Endowment of the Humanities/Folger Shakespeare Library long-term fellowship, he is the author of The Drama of Landscape: Land, Property, and Social Relations on the Early Modern Stage, is on the editorial board for Renaissance Drama, and is Associate Editor of Shakespeare Studies. He has published articles on Shakespeare, Marlowe, Marston, Spenser and others in a number of journals including ELH, Shakespeare Quarterly and Renaissance Drama, and has contributed to The Cambridge Companion to English Literature, 1500-1600 (1999) and The Cambridge Companion to Christopher Marlowe (2004).


'... well-researched and well-written ...' Times Literary Supplement 'Memory and Forgetting in English Renaissance Drama will interest not only those who also address the intellectual history of memory or subjectivity, but those interested in the early modern body, issues of gender, or performance studies and theater history. Sullivan's meticulous and imaginative scholarship and his original approach provide invaluable instruction to anyone interested in Renaissance drama.' The Shakespeare Newsletter
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