The Varieties of Reference

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Oktober 1982



The discussion in this book range over all the main kinds of referring expressions, starting with the work of Frege and Russell on singular reference. The work is guided by the view that an understanding of how singular thoughts relate to objects is essential for a proper treatment of the linguistic device by which such thoughts are expressed. It will be of interest to psychologist and philosophers of mind as well as to philosophers of language and linguists.


"Remarkable...Packed with intense and sustained argument and is brim full of ideas on a wide variety of subjects....Central to discussions of reference and singular thought for years to come. It not only justifies John McDowell's editorial hope that it will enable us to appreciate how much philosophy has lost by Evans's early death; it also shows us how much philosophy has gained by his life."--Mind
"A powerful, coherent work....His acute and detailed discussion of some of the important issues of reference and meaning opens onto the fundamental question of the human context in which they have to be understood."--Times Literary Supplement
"Some of the most rigorous and substantial philosophy of the last twenty years....[The papers] show a highly talented philosopher going hard at important problems with unfailing intelligence and frequent flashes of genuine brilliance, illuminating whatever he touches."--The Philosophical Review
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