We Can Help Orangutans: Let's Make a Difference

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Oktober 2013



This fun and colorful book helps children come up with strategies to contribute to the well-being of orangutans.


Gabriella Francine lives in Southern California and has four children, all of whom she enjoys spending time with. The vision for these books came while she was volunteering at an equine center in Southern California, helping children with special needs with therapy involving horses. She has long been concerned with what is happening on our planet and the need to rebuild, sustain, and care for our world. She has long been a participant in causes that work in this direction and is now profoundly moved to empower the cause of the Coins for Causes series and educational programs.
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Untertitel: 'Coins for Causes'. Empfohlen von 4 bis 8 Jahren. Sprache: Englisch.
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