Water for Life: Water Management and Environmental Policy

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To fully analyze the relationship between water management, environmental conditions and public policy, this book reviews the development of water management and evaluates it from the perspective of the quality of the natural environment. Examples are drawn from around the world, and range from local watershed management to international river basin planning, with emphasis placed on integrative approaches. Successful water management is crucial for the proper operation of natural environmental systems and for the support of human society.


List of figures; List of tables; Preface; List of abbreviations; Conversions of selected units of hydrologic measurement; 1. Water and life; 2. Challenge and opportunity; 3. Unfolding recognition of ecosystem change; 4. Natural waters; 5. Plant-soil-water-ecosystem relationships; 6. Groundwater; 7. Lakes and wetlands; 8. River channels and floodplains; 9. Impounded rivers and reservoirs; 10. Domestic and industrial water management; 11. Decision processes; 12. Integrative approaches; Appendix. Guide to internet resources on water and environment; References; Index.


James L. Westcoat is a professor of landscape architecture at the University of Illinois. Gilbert F. White is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of geography at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


'... a concise and erudite primer aimed at helping hydrologists and environmental managers to find a common language to talk about policymaking for rivers, lakes, wetlands and underground water reserves ... As befits its distinguished authors, it exudes authority.' Times Higher Education Supplement '... a significant contribution to the growing library of water and environment management texts.' Geography
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