The Church and the Churches

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This book tackles the history of important ecclesiological issues across the denominational board.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Local and universal; 2. Ecclesial identity; 3. Diversity; 4. Restoring to order; 5. Decision-making; 6. Communion; Conclusion; Selected bibliography; Index.


" important work. Evan's thorough knowledge of history and her familiarity with the present ecumenical scene combine to make an invaluable contribution to ecumenical ecclesiology." Theological Studies "...Evans has provided a strikingly full survey of many of the central issues in ecumenical ecclesiology." Modern Theology "...a formidable work. Evans is widely read, ranging back and forth from Augustine to the World Council and John Paul II, Joseph Ratzinger to the Rastafarians...a product of impeccable and prodigious scholarship, and scrupulously impartial." Donald Nugent, Church History "This is a timely book that is full of fascinating historical data and thought-provoking insights." Sara Butler, M.S.B.T., Journal of Ecumenical Studies "I strongly recommend this book as nearly indispensable for anyone doing ecumenical studies in general or ecclesiology in particular...the book amply displays the historical acumen of its author and her remarkable control of so much of the ecumenical literature...This book is a significant contribution to the task of first identifying and then confronting that untidiness and provisionality." Richard P. McBrien, The Journal of Religion
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