The Search for Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction: Inspection, Verification and Non-Proliferation

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August 2005



This authoritative account explores the facts that lie behind the Weapons of Mass Destruction programmes in Iraq. Graham Pearson shows how these programmes were gradually uncovered through the efforts of UN specialist exerts, then by UNSCOM and UNMOVIC and finally by the Iraq Survey Group. The book analyses why there was no stockpile of chemical or biological weapons to be found in Iraq. Finally, it examines the lessons for inspection, verification and non-proliferation in the chemical and biological weapons prohibition regimes.


List of Figures List of Tables Foreword; C.Duelfer Preface Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations/Acronyms Introduction The United Nations Secretary-General Investigations in Iran and Iraq The Decade of UNSCOM An Analysis of UNSCOM The Amorim Panel and the Creation of UNMOVIC The Years of UNMOVIC The Developments Leading to War in March 2003 and the Iraq Survey Group Iraq's Chemical and Biological Programmes The Absence of WMD Stockpiles in Iraq Inspection, Verification and Non-Proliferation: Lessons Learned Future Roles for UNMOVIC and its Expertise Prospects for the Future Appendices Notes Index


Graham S. Pearson


'I can think of no better individual than Graham Pearson to write an authoritative account of the search for WMD in order to identify relevant conclusions relating to inspection, verification and non-proliferation of such weapons.' - From the Foreword by Charles A. Duelfer, Special Advisor of Strategy Regarding Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction
'Graham Pearson has applied his great skill, discipline and experience as a scientist in examining the search for WMD in Iraq. No book on the subject so far has greater depth, detail and documentation. His conclusions will be valuable not only when we judge the inspections in Iraq but also when we discuss how verification should be designed to best serve current and future arms control regimes.' - Dr. Hans Blix, Executive Chairman UNMOVIC 2000-03, Director General Emeritus IAEA
'This volume will be the definitive source on the efforts to find these weapons and the lessons for inspection, verification and non-proliferation will be vital for strengthening the international regimes totally prohibiting chemical and biological weapons in the 21st Century.' - Professor Joshua Lederberg, Nobel Laureate, President Emeritus, Rockefeller University, USA
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