The Seleukid Royal Economy: The Finances and Financial Administration of the Seleukid Empire

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Explores the economy of the Seleukid Empire and provides a quantified model of the royal economy.


Part I. Preliminaries: 1. Sources and methods; 2. Historical summary; 3. The posing of a problem; Part II. The Underlying Economy: 4. Geography and population; 5. Production and exchange; 6. The granting of land; Part III. The Royal Economy: 7. Ps-Aristotle's Oikonomika, book II; 8. Revenue; 9. The handling of surpluses; 10. Expenditure; 11. Coinage; 12. A model of the Seleukid economy; 13. Financial administration; General conclusions.


Makis Aperghis originally studied engineering at the University of Cambridge. He returned to the study of Ancient History and was awarded a doctorate from University College London (2000).


Review of the hardback: '... the book succeeds in raising fundamental questions about the economy in imperial states. Aperghis' study is therefore relevant for more than economic history alone. Offering valuable insights into, and raising fundamental questions about, the finances of the Seleukid Empire, it is also of interest for political historians working on Greco-Macedonian imperialism in the East, perhaps even for those interested in the functioning of empires in general.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review
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