A History of Antarctic Science

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April 2005



This is the first book to draw together a history of science in Antarctica.


Foreword; Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. The science of the early explorations; 3. The national expeditions of 1828 to 1845; 4. Averted interest and consolidation; 5. The modern period - logistics and material; 6. The modern period - the involvement with politics; 7. The sciences of the Antarctic seas; 8. The earth sciences; 9. The sciences of atmosphere and geospace; 10. Land-based biology; 11. Man and the Antarctic environment; 12. Some concluding comments; References; Index.


'Among the achievements of Antarctic science are the discovery of the ozone hole and the invention of the string vest. This wonderful book deals with both along with most of the other fruits of scientific endeavour.' New Scientist 'The book's great achievement is to sum up concisely and readably the present state of Antarctic science.' New Scientist 'Fogg's book is a splendid resource for the polar scientist, historian, and political scientist. I can envision it too in the collection of many Antarctic research stations, where it deserves to become dog-eared with use.' Eric L. Mills, Science 'Fogg's work is a significant and welcome addition not only to Antarctic literature but to the history of science and technology. Its greatest contribution is making a syustematic and readable account out of hundreds of yeards of historical and scientific sources. It should become a standard background text for specialists from a broad range of scientific disciplines, a model work for historians of science, and a coherent guide for those interested int he complex history of the Antarctic.' The Times Higher ' ... the book is fascinating, and an insight for those not familiar with Antarctic operations or the history of the region. It is also a useful addition for the scientist who wants a perspective of Antarctic research in fields other than their own.' Book Reviews Emma Grove
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