Shakespeare, Reception and Translation

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This book provides a comparative analysis of Shakespeares reception and translation in Japan and Germany. It explicitly compares and contrasts the two, including consideration of their mutual awareness but also covers issues relating to the international reception and translation of the entire Shakespeare canon. It includes study of a number of translators from each country from the 18th century to translators working today, including Odashima Yushi. Examples are drawn from all parts of Shakespeares canon, with most extensive discussion on The Tempest.


Preface; Part One: Contexts; 1. Principles of translation; 2. Contexts: a) modern Germany; b) modern Japan; 3. History of Shakespearean reception and translation; Part Two: Practice; 4. Texts, contexts, metatexts: the case of The Tempest; 5. Translation in practice (I): linguistic issues; 6. Translation in practice (II): poetics and politics; 7. Language of exile: the case of The Tempest again; 8. Aspects of Shakespearean language: curse; music; game; Part Three: Conclusion; 9. Conclusion; Bibliography; Index


Friederike Von Schwerin-High is Assistant Professor of German at St. Olaf College, Minnesota. She studied in Germany and Japan and has published tetbooks/computerized pedagogic material, articles, creative writing, and translations.


"A very accurate book, all the more interesting because it explores two theatrical systems which, however far from each other, were both able to introduce and develop their own visions of the English dramatist's play [The Tempest]." Bibliography of Translation Studies Online
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