A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Regime Types on Local Govt

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April 2015



The developing countries with their peculiar problems have adopted varieties of regime types of Western democracies without significant success. One of the predominant characteristics of developing countries is political instability caused by frequent military coup. Military regimes by their authoritarian nature breach fundamental human rights, enact unconstitutional reforms and prevent political participation. These tendencies and traits adversely affect development. Essentially, studies in Public Administration show that public administration is one of a number of a basic political processes by which people achieve and control governance in democracies. In this regard, this book seeks to, via a comparative analysis, identify and explain the impact of regime types on local governance in Edo State, Nigeria.


Ohimai Friday Eboreime is an Associate Professor in Benson Idahosa University, Nigeria.He holds a B.Sc and MBA degrees in Economics and Business Administration As well as a Ph.D in Public Administration. He is a Fellow of National Institute of Marketing; Certified Economist of Nigeria and a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management.
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