The Living Image in Renaissance Art

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April 2005



Combining research and ideas from the histories of art, medicine, and natural philosophy, this book demonstrates the significance of "lifelikeness" in Renaissance art and considers the implications of claims that a work of art is "a living thing." Critical language describing such works became codified. This period also witnessed the advent of early modern medicine and anatomical science. Sixteenth-century Italian Renaissance artists rendered images in painting and sculpture that are so higholy mimetic as to be nearly lifelike.


1. Introduction: The topos of lifelikeness; 2. The analogical relationship of art and life: concepts and language; 3. (Dis)Assembling: Michelangelo and Marsyas; 4. Mona Lisa's 'beating pulse'; 5. Nosce te ipsum: Narcissus, mirrors, and monsters; 6. The lifeless and the (re)animation of the lifelike; 7. Postscript.


Fredrika H. Jacobs is professor of art history at Virginia Commonwealth University. A scholar of Italian Renaissance art, she is the author of Defining the Renaissance: Virtuosa Women Artists and the Language of Art History and Criticism.


'... fascinating ... The book is full of interesting insights, often into previously obscure matters. ... The book is beautifully presented ...'. The Art Book
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