Antisemitism: Myth and Hate from Antiquity to the Present

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In this provocative book, Marvin Perry and Frederick M. Schweitzer analyze the lies, misperceptions, and myths about Jews and Judaism that anti-semites have propagated throughout the centuries. Beginning with antiquity, and continuing into the present day, the authors explore the irrational fabrications that have led to numerous acts of violence and hatred against Jews. The book examines ancient and medieval myths central to the history of anti-semitism: Jews as 'Christ-killers', instruments of Satan, and ritual murderers of Christian children. It also explores the scapegoating of Jews in the modern world as conspirators bent on world domination; extortionists who manufactured the Holocaust as a hoax designed to gain reparation payments from Germany; and the leaders of the slave trade that put Africa in chains. No other book has focused its attention exclusively on a thematic discussion of historic and contemporary anti-semitic myths, covering such an expansive scope of time, and allowing for such a painstaking level of exemplification. Anti-semitism is an essential book that will serve as a corrective to bigotry, stereotype, and historical distortion.


Introduction The Trial and Death of Jesus: 'The Myth of Christ-Killers' and the 'Criminal People' Ritual Murderers: Christian Blood and Jewish Matzohs The Diabolization of Jews: Evil Demons, Conspirators, and Race Defilers Homo Judaicus Economicus: The Jew as Shylock, Parasite, and Plutocrat Denying the Holocaust A Neo-Nazi Mythology Anti-Semitic Myths Blackwashed: The Nation of Islam Inherits a Devil Conclusion


Frederick M. Schweitzer and Marvin Perry


Reviews of the hardback edition: 'The authors write cleanly, and their prose is highly readable. They have brought to their task valuable classroom experience over many decades. For such reasons, and because the book presents a succinct, easily understood overview, it will appeal to many readers.' - Ethnic and Racial Studies 'Solidly researches and lucidly written [this] book makes for compelling, if painful, reading.' - Los Angeles Times '[A] tour de force [that] follows upon the late Edward H. Flannery's groundbreaking classic, The Anguish of the Jews.' - Journal of Ecumenical Studies 'Commendably, the authors, using reader-friendly language composed in captivating imagery, bring home the point that realization of anti-semitism and its vision of apocalypse is ever present and therefore necessitates constant vigil. A wonderful read on a poignant topic. Highly recommended.' - Zev Garber, author of Shoah 'Perry and Schweitzer navigate the history of anti-semitism with a firm hand, utilizing the latest scholarship and confronting controversial issues without fear.' - Library Journal 'A richly textured, thorough, well-written and indispensable addition to the literature, one that anyone interested in the topic and related racist phenomena should not miss.' - John Weiss, author of Ideology of Death: Why the Holocaust Happened in Germany '...this is a decent and sober beginning to this regrettable history of hate...Recommended.' - S.D. Benin, Choice ' invaluable guide through the torturous maze of myth and lies propagated by antisemites throughout the ages.' - Anna Dogole, The Jewish Eye '...deserves a place on your bookshelf...' - Gerard Meister, Pencil Stubs Online ( '...a remarkably timely and useful account of the history of antisemitism...In spite of the thousands of books...on anti-semitism, it is often difficult to find a book suitable for students that describes lucidly and competently anti-semitic delusions and myths as both a logical absurdity and also a force that has shaped much of the history of the last two thousand years. This book qualifies in these respects unlike any book I have ever seen. I am confident that others will find it similarly useful.' - Derek H. Davis, Journal of Church and State
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