Mechanosensing and Mechanochemical Transduction in Extracellular Matrix

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Juli 2006



This is the only single authored text on biological polymers available for bioengineering and biomedical engineering students. The book describes the structure of polymers and how these molecules are put together to make the tissues of the body and also their role in surgical implants and in structural diseases. It provides essential reading for biomedical engineers, biologists, physicians, health care professionals and other biomedical researchers who are interested in understanding how physical forces affect the biology, physiology and pathophysiology of humans. The author is an expert on the effect of mechanical forces on extracellular matrix.


to Mechanochemical Transduction in Tissues.- Macromolecular Structures in Tissues.- Microscopic and Macroscopic Structure of Tissues.- Determination of Physical Structure and Modeling.- Self-Assembly of Biological Macromolecules.- Mechanical Properties of Biological Macromolecules.- Viscoelastic Mechanical Properties of Tissues.- Models of Mechanical Properties of ECMs.- Mechanochemical Sensing and Transduction.- Mechanochemical Transduction and Its Role in Biology.


Frederick H. Silver, Ph.D., is an expert on the effect of mechanical forces on extracellular matrix. He has been a faculty member in Biomedical Engineeering departments at Boston University, University of Minnesota and Rutgers University. He is currently Professor of Pathology and Laboratory medicine at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

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