The Just War in the Middle Ages

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August 2003



The first systematic attempt to reconstruct from original manuscript sources and early printed books the medieval doctrines relating to the just war, the holy war and the crusade. Despite the frequency of wars and armed conflicts throughout the course of western history, no comprehensive survey has previously been made of the justifications of warfare that were elaborated by Roman lawyers, canon lawyers and theologians in the twelfth and thirteenth century universities. After a brief survey of theories of the just war in antiquity, with emphasis on Cicero and Augustine, and of thought on early medieval warfare, the central chapters are devoted to scholastics such as Pope Innocent IV, Hostiensis and Thomas Aquinas. Professor Russell attempts to correlate theories of the just war with political and intellectual development in the Middle Ages. His conclusion evaluates the just war in the light of late medieval and early modern statecraft and poses questions about its compatibility with Christian ethics and its validity within international law.


Preface; Abbreviations; Introduction; 1. St Augustine and the Just War in the early Middle Ages; 2. The medieval romanists' analysis of war; 3. The Just War in gratian's decretum; 4. The Just War according to the decretists; 5. The Just War according to the decretalists; 6. The medieval theology of the Just War; 7. Thomas Aquinas and his circle; Conclusion; Appendix; Bibliography; Index.


'Based on original manuscript material and a mastery of the printed sources and the secondary literature, the text is informed by a spirit of analysis and felicity of expression.' Choice ' ... Frederick H. Russell ... has systematically surveyed the intellectual convolutions of canonists and theologians in regard to war.' History 'Read as a whole, Russell's treatment is thoroughly researched, clear in expsition and balanced in its judgments.' The Tablet
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