Parading Through History: The Making of the Crow Nation in America 1805 1935

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November 2005



The author links the modern existence of the Crow Indian nation with their19th-century nomadic life which, along with contact with outsiders, drew the Crows together and tested their ability to adapt their traditions to new conditions. He emphasizes political life, but also describes changes in social relations, religious beliefs, and economic activities. 24 photos. 6 maps.


Prologue: why are there no Indians in the twentieth century? Part I. Into History, 1805-1890: 1. Immigration in reverse; 2. Parading into history; 3. Life in a tightening circle; 4. Refugees at the agency; 5. A new home; Part II. The Making of a Nation, 1890-1920: 6. Searching for structure: Crow families in transition; 7. New gods in Crow country: the development of religious pluralism; 8. Leaders in a new arena; 9. Making a living: the Crow economy, 1890-1920; Part III. Being Crow 1920-1935: 10. Stability and dependency in the 1920s; 11. 'Standing for rights: the Crow rejection of the Indian reorganization act'; 12. Crows and other Americans.


"...Hoxie's work is a welcome addition to our understanding of how native people adjusted to the advance of American society and its capitalistic economy." American Historical Review "...Hoxie has carefully researched archival evidence and has applied his field work on the Crow Reservation in order to present a better understanding of Crow survival amidst historical change. This book is strongly recommended..." Western Historical Quarterly "Frederick E. Hoxie makes an important contribution to our understanding of the West and its original inhabitants. Wonderfully written, hugely informative, Parading Through History will go down as the history of the Crow Nation." James Welch, author of Killing Custer "Parading through History" is an important and thought-provoking work. Frederick Hoxie presents a story of the perseverance and adaptation that led to the construction of a modern Indian community...Parading through History deepens our understanding of Crow history and answers a long-felt need to examine how this people creatively adapted to changing circumstances while retaining a distinctive crow identity. It also raises many exciting new questions in Crow history." Martha Foster, American Indian Culture and Research Journal "Hoxie provides a unique view of tribal structure...Parading through History is highly recommended reading. Well written and researched, it offers a significant new approach to tribal history, one that other scholars are sure to follow." Robert A. Trennert, Montana Reviews "Parading through History is the most penetrating and intellectually challenging book available on modern Crow history and politics...It is an essential book for any further examination and analysis of Crow history and intercultural dynamics." C. Adrian Heidenreich
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