Post Keynesian Price Theory

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This book sets out the foundations of Post Keynesian price theory. Frederic Lee examines the administered, normal cost and mark up price doctrines associated with Post Keynesian economics; he then draws upon those doctrines and previous empirical studies to develop the pricing and production foundations of the theory. This is the only book that is solely concerned with Post Keynesian price theory and its foundations, and represents a major contributon to the literature of post-Keynesian economics.


List of figures and tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. The Doctrine of Administered Prices: 1. The origin of the doctrine of administered prices: from the modern corporation to industrial prices; 2. Gardiner Means' doctrine of administered prices; 3. Developments in the doctrine of administered prices; Part II. The Doctrine of Normal Cost Prices: 4. The origin of the doctrine of normal cost prices: the Oxford Economists' Research Group and full cost pricing; 5. Philip Andrews' theory of competitive oligopoly; 6. Developments in the doctrine of normal cost prices; Part III. The Doctrine of Mark Up Prices: 7. The origin of the doctrine of mark up prices: Michal Kalecki's microanalysis; 8. Kalecki's microanalysis and the war years; 9. Kalecki and the Cambridge contributions; 10. Josef Steindl and the stagnation thesis; Part IV. The Grounded Pricing Foundation of Post Keynesian Price Theory: 11. Pricing and prices; 12. The pricing model, the grounded pricing foundation, and Post Keynesian price theory; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


"Frederic Lee has done Post Keynesian economic a great service...Keynesian Price Theory is compulsory reading for all those interested in a non-neoclassical approach to pricing." Review of Radical Political Economics "He has set out to challenge the post Keynesian conventional wisdom that its price theoretic foundations are to be found in either the Kaleckisn or Sraffian approach to prices or in some hybrid of the two." Review of Radical Political Economics
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